“You” are the best gift

In the blink of an eye, the gift giving season will be upon us. I’ve noticed and you probably have too, the gifts that bring the longest lasting joy aren’t those requiring batteries or fancy wrapping.

They are family trips, holiday get-togethers, visits with loved ones.  But it’s the pictures of them that create the long lasting impact. It seems to me in this digital age where kids, parents, and grandparents text and tweet rather than sit and talk, we may well lose something precious if we don’t tend to the care and feeding of those memories.

Ideas for gifts that keep on giving:

For a son or grandson: a DVD or compilation of him playing his favorite sport.

From one spouse to another: a video tribute about their achievements and interests.

From a grandparent to the family: an interview about their life stories, what they’ve learned and what’s important to them.

“What the next generation will value most is not what we owned but evidence of who we were and how we lived.”   Ellen Goodman

Your memories, your family history and traditions open a “window” into what is important to you and why. Here are a couple of examples of   “windows” that Your Legacy Project has opened for other families and can do for your family as well.  It just takes a little time and planning.

We recorded a “walking tour” of a client’s valuable art collection. He spoke of why he and his wife had chosen each piece and what it meant to them. Suddenly, the artwork his family had viewed for years took on a new meaning for his children and grandchildren.

Another client family is from Italy. Filming mother and daughter Two women cooking together as they talked about their family history and traditions was the perfect way to record for future generations a cooking lesson spiced with family memories and a spoonful of advice. Videos like this, filmed in comforting surroundings become special to family members.

For the holiday season, consider giving the most unique gift of all. You or a family member can put together a video or you can use a professional service to capture the message and memories you want to keep forever.

Keep in mind, “You” – your life stories, what you’ve learned and what’s important to you – are the best gifts you can give.   No batteries or fancy wrapping required.

Warm Regards,

Victoria Collins, Ph.D.
 How Will Your Story Be Told? 

If our team can assist you in any way, I would be delighted to discuss a legacy project with you.  Working together, we can create an invaluable gift for your family.

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