What Would She Think?

eld-woman-teaShe would have been 100 years old on May 4th. Cheerful, warm and always gracious, she was well-loved by everyone who knew her. She died too young, at 81. There are things I wished I had asked her about her life and about our family as we were growing up. Active in the United Nations’ early years, I wonder if she had any idea of how it would be tested in our current world. I wonder what she’d think of politics today or the economy or technology or…so many things.

If your parent(s) are living, think of Mother’s and Father’s Days as a chance to hear about their life. Record what you hear as it will be precious to you in years to come. Videos make it easy to capture thoughts and provide long lasting memories. Assign the task to a grandchild, he/she will get an extra benefit preparing for the interview and you’ll all enjoy the results.