Victoria-Collins-3How Will Your Story Be Told?

I can still remember my father, a Pan Am pilot, returning home from a trip with a gift from wherever his assignment had taken him.  To a young girl a gift was always a welcome surprise but it was the stories he told of the places he went and experiences he had that are still with me more than sixty years later.

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legacy-def-pic-1A legacy letter or ethical will (as it is called in the Jewish faith) has been around for millennium. It is a chance to document what we care about most and can be done in a number of forms. For those with substantial wealth, a legacy letter can help the next generation become more effective stewards of the family funds.

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eld-woman-teaWhat Would She Think?

She would have been 100 years old on May 4th. Cheerful, warm and always gracious, she was well-loved by everyone who knew her. She died too young, at 81. There are things I wished I had asked her about her life and about our family as we were growing up.

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gift shutterstock_164519546“You” are the Best Gift

In the blink of an eye, the gift giving season will be upon us. I’ve noticed and you probably have too, the gifts that bring the longest lasting joy aren’t those requiring batteries or fancy wrapping. They are family trips, holiday get-togethers, visits with loved ones. But it’s the pictures of them that create the long lasting impact.

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A Different Kind of Deposit

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, there is no gift more special than capturing meaningful memories on a video that the family can enjoy.

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  Words of wisdom from a surprising place.

 Guest Post – Did you know that neuroscience is uncovering ways to understand family dynamics?

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Tale of Two Grandmothers

Guest Post – When giving talks on how to live a full, meaningful life, UC Irvine gerontologist Kerry Burnight often invokes the memory …

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 Happy Saint Pat’s Day!shamrock-180

There’s an old saying “There are two kinds of people – the Irish and those who wish they were.

At our home this time of year, we celebrate David’s Irish heritage – there’s nothing like Irish music to warm your heart. My heritage is more “reserved” perhaps. I’m Swedish and will be going to Stockholm for a lovely family visit in June …

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easy-way-hard-wa-400Two types of legacies

Guest Post – A legacy is not words, but rather your actions, how they will define you, and how they will impact others.

There are two types of legacies that one can leave behind, a positive or a negative legacy. Most people do not consciously choose between the kinds of legacy their life will leave, nor do they realize they are actively creating one with their actions of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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Timothy-skiing-1Knowing what you can and can’t change. 

You know that I’ve spent my career as a financial planner, helping people ensure that they’ll have the money they need to move through the phases of their lives. One thing that I’ve loved about my work is that it constantly reminds me of the power of planning and, more importantly, the power of accepting what can’t be planned.

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girl-grandma-smThree little letters.
One big word.

Arriving home after a conference at the Purposeful Planning Institute in Denver, Colorado, I appreciated more than ever the important work being done throughout the country by estate planning attorneys like John A Warnick and professionals who help families achieve success over generations.”

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A love story to your family

You’re unpacking a box of your dad’s belongings and come across a letter addressed to you. Just holding it in your hands, now that he’s gone, brings tears to your eyes.

His words let you know that he understood what was going on in your life even though you never actually talked about it.  Fact is, you were both busy and talking about stuff like this felt awkward.

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Book-cover--Walter-Green44 people to thank

Book Review – Breakfast on a Sunday seemed like a good time to meet Walter Green, author of the book “This is the Moment”.  Walter took a year off to give himself the best  gift ever for his 70th birthday and travel around the country and abroad to reconnect with 44 special people in his life. I was intrigued by what he had learned.

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Thinking-fingers-200The two most important words – “new” and “you

Starting a new company is both exciting and a bit scary.More than three decades helping people manage wealth made it clear to me that what they want most is to pass their values and visions to the next generation.

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