The two most important words – “new” and “you”


fingers-lJanuary 15, 2013

Starting a new company is both exciting and a bit scary. More than three decades helping people manage wealth made it clear to me that what they want most is to pass their values and visions to the next generation.

This was true for me and I began a search for a company to help me capture what I wanted to say in a video, I found a boutique documentary production company that specializes in video biography and personal history. Founded by two former attorneys from Australia, Jane and Peter Shafron, their touching award-winning films have been featured in festivals in the United States and Canada, won numerous awards, and delighted hundreds of satisfied clients and their friends and families.

Their work seemed like a natural complement to my legacy consulting and I am excited to tell you that our new project “How Will Your Story Be Told?” will launch this summer.

You’ve probably heard of Ethical Wills or Legacy Letters as ways of telling those you care about what’s really important to you. Ethical wills have been around for hundreds of years.

We hope to take this concept to a new level – one that’s easy and effective – and recognizes that this is the missing piece in estate planning.

To give you an idea of questions we might use, here are some to ponder for yourself:

  • Who has had the greatest influence on your life?
  • Think about when you’ve been the happiest – when and why?
  • What advice or “words of wisdom” would you like to give your children/grandchildren?


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