The challenge of knowing what you can and can’t change.

Tim-ski-2 Dear Timothy,

One thing that I’ve loved about my work in financial planning for these last 30 years is that I’m constantly reminded of the power of planning and, more importantly, the power of accepting what can’t be planned and making the best of it.

This challenge arises all the time. Even when you go skiing! Each pass down the mountain is new. As you sit on the lift heading for the top of the mountain you might plan how you’ll maneuver down the slope; but once you’re there, things have changed. The snow is now packed down harder and has gotten slick, a bald patch seems to be developing midway through, a skier passes in front of you just as you get up your momentum. Your plans are modified every moment. And while you may or may not like the “new” slope, your acceptance of it is going to be critical to getting down successfully.

As for my plans, I’m glad that I took the time to organize my financial life. While calling an old friend to catch up, or gathering you and Liam into my arms for a big hug doesn’t require much forethought, there are things in life that do, such as arranging travel plans to fly across the country to watch your soccer game. It takes even more time and effort to plan and organize an estate. Planning for your financial future so that you are better prepared for the moguls and swift turns that will come as you ski down the mountain of your life is something I hope you will make a priority.

You’ll have countless opportunities to plan exciting projects, joyful holidays, and maybe even trips to exotic lands. You have a good heart and mind. I have complete faith in you that you’ll plan well and go for it! But will also wisely accept that which you could not plan for, and take the time to understand the difference.

Many blessings,

Nana Victoria

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