How Will Your Story Be Told?

I can still remember my father, a Pan Am pilot, returning home from a trip with a gift from wherever his assignment had taken him.  To a young girl a gift was always a welcome surprise but it was the stories he told of the places he went and experiences he had that are still with me more than sixty years later. I would so love to have my children and now my grandchildren be able to listen with the same awe and delight that I did as a child. Dad & Daughter photo

Stories connect us with our past and inspire and guide us for the future. Thankfully we now have the technology we would have needed to capture the twinkle in my dad’s eye or his funny half-smile or the sound of his voice that brings memories flooding back.

It gives me great pleasure to announce my new business “Your Legacy Project” and hope that you will take a moment to visit my website Please check out the video comments by a client on the Testimonials page as it gives you an idea of what the experience of working with us is like.

With an award winning documentary team, we can produce (within a few weeks) a video that captures your (or a loved one’s) life lessons, hopes and dreams in a high quality/long lasting video format enhanced with music and images.

To create a personal documentary or a congratulatory tribute for someone else, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.