How Do You Live Your Values

Victoria Collins. PhilanthropistBusiness leader and philanthropist Victoria Collins, co-founder of wealth management firm First Foundation, Inc., in Irvine CA, was recognized with the Business Journal’s “Women in Business Award” in 1997 and was keynote speaker for the event in 2001.

As a younger woman, challenging times led her to recognize the importance of educating women about finances, how to succeed in a business environment, and how to move beyond unhealthy relationships to a place of self-reliance.

She said the common thread that runs through all of the nonprofits she supports is helping women realize their full potential.

“How do you live your values?” she said “Philanthropy is the way to show that.”

Donors contribute to nonprofit organizations in a variety of ways.  Some donate stock, others make large financial contributions, and others donate valuable items the nonprofit can use in ways they deem best.”

Source:  Orange County Business Journal

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