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“Two kinds of legacies” by Rachel Lee of Human Options.

Legacies Happen No Matter What (3- 31-13)
Blog post by Rachel Lee, USC Intern at Human Options

Human-Options-logo-3Each of us, throughout our lives, has encountered a wide array of people.  As we look back we might remember a teacher, a neighbor, a friend, a leader, or even a stranger who made a lasting impression ...

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A Family with a 100 Year Legacy

November 11, 2012

Few families can say they have survived and thrived for 100 years with a strong mission and vision statement that is passionately held by all members. Few families can say they have truly made a positive difference in the lives of those who belong to them. The Girl Scouts is one family that can do just that. At its 100th Anniversary Celebration in Newport Beach, California, I had the distinct pleasure of being one of 12 women leaders ...

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Dr. Victoria Collins receives award


Dr. Victoria Collins recently received the Orange County Community Foundation’s 2013 Power-Packed Philanthropist Award.  Pictured is Dr. Collins (l) with Orange County Community Foundation president, Shelly Hoss.

The Foundation said Collins’ efforts to better the lives of Orange County children and families and her support of visual and performing arts made her stand out. Collins said she wants to help others succeed on their own.

She was ...

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Victoria Collins Resets Expectations


By Steve Churm, OCMETRO.COM

“One of the most accomplished and admired women of the past quarter century in Orange County business circles said it best.  Standing before family and friends in a gathering of power and influence, she was being honored for a career of milestones, both professional and philanthropic” said Steve Churm of

This was a retirement celebration for First Foundation’s Victoria Collins. ...

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The two most important words – “new” and “you”


fingers-lJanuary 15, 2013

Starting a new company is both exciting and a bit scary. More than three decades helping people manage wealth made it clear to me that what they want most is to pass their values and visions to the next generation.

This was true for me and I began a search for a company to help me capture what I wanted to say ...

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44 People to Thank in One Year

January 30, 2013

Breakfast on a Sunday seemed like a good time to meet. Walter Green took a year off to give himself the best birthday gift ever for his 70th birthday and I was intrigued by Book-cover--Walter-Greenwhat he had learned. Walter and his lovely wife Lola joined us and another couple who are good friends and he turned out to be every bit as charming as I had ...

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A Love Story to Your Family

February 13, 2013

You’re unpacking a box of your dad’s belongings and come across a letter addressed to you.  Just holding it in your hands, now that he’s gone, brings tears to your eyes.

It expresses your dad’s hopes, experiences, love and forgiveness. It speaks to you directly and touches your heart. His words let you know that he understood what was going on in your life even though you never actually talked about it. Fact is, you were both busy and ...

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3 little letters – one big word.

Book Review – I appreciate more than ever the important work being done throughout the country by estate planning attorneys like John A Warnick and professionals who help families James-Warnick-pic-2achieve success over generations.

John is the Founder of the Purposeful Planning Institute and he has expressed beautifully the power of the “hug.”

  • Hugging is human fusion: it produces more energy than it consumes.
  • Hugging is organic, free ...
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