A Love Story to Your Family

February 13, 2013

You’re unpacking a box of your dad’s belongings and come across a letter addressed to you.  Just holding it in your hands, now that he’s gone, brings tears to your eyes.

It expresses your dad’s hopes, experiences, love and forgiveness. It speaks to you directly and touches your heart. His words let you know that he understood what was going on in your life even though you never actually talked about it. Fact is, you were both busy and talking about stuff like this felt awkward.

Don’t let the moments go by to capture something precious. With your video camera or iPhone in hand, ask him to sit for a few minutes and answer some questions:

  • Right now, what gives you the most pleasure in life?
  • Who was the most important person to you and why?
  • Imagine that you had only a limited time left, what would you regret not having done?
  • What advice would you want to give your grandchildren?

Make a gift to him of the video and suggest that you do another in the future. He will treasure the time and the gift, and you will too.

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