44 People to Thank in One Year

January 30, 2013

Breakfast on a Sunday seemed like a good time to meet. Walter Green took a year off to give himself the best birthday gift ever for his 70th birthday and I was intrigued by Book-cover--Walter-Greenwhat he had learned. Walter and his lovely wife Lola joined us and another couple who are good friends and he turned out to be every bit as charming as I had imagined.

In his book “This is the Moment”, he tells the story of how he took a year to celebrate his blessings and travel around the country and abroad to reconnect with 44 special people in his life. With each, he recalled the good fortune of how they met, some of his most cherished memories with them and then he expressed his deep appreciation for what they had meant to him.

The book is in three parts: Part 1 is about how and why he decided to make this journey of gratitude, what criteria he used to select the people on his list and how he structured the meetings. It’s clear that he learned new insights about himself in the process. It is also clear what his expression of gratitude meant to the person receiving it.

Part 2 opens the window onto excerpts from the gratitude conversations. How he expressed his thanks, uniquely, to each person is touching and engaging.

Part 3 –You don’t have to wait for some momentous occasion to start your own gratitude journey. It’s never too soon, but could be too late.  The book “This Is The Moment” gives you the tips and tools to help you create your own conversations with those who have influenced you and impacted your life positively.

I highly recommend it.

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