3 little letters – one big word.

Book Review – I appreciate more than ever the important work being done throughout the country by estate planning attorneys like John A Warnick and professionals who help families James-Warnick-pic-2achieve success over generations.

John is the Founder of the Purposeful Planning Institute and he has expressed beautifully the power of the “hug.”

  • Hugging is human fusion: it produces more energy than it consumes.
  • Hugging is organic, free of pesticides and preservatives.
  • Hugging requires no special instructions to assemble and has no removable parts or batteries to wear out.
  • Hugging is non-taxable, non-polluting and theft-proof.

It’s the one thing we need more of in our families and throughout the world.”said Warnick.
Now, if only we could package hugs and send them around the world!

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