• What is Your “Legacy Project”?

    As a boutique personal documentary production company, we capture the values and visions of individuals, family businesses and foundations.

    What is Your “Legacy Project”?
  • Your Story is in Your Hands

    Fostering philanthropy in the next generation is important to most wealth creators.

    You can explain what is meaningful to you, why and how to continue the philanthropic work you’ve begun.

    Your Story is in Your Hands
  • Capture your values and visions

    “Personal wealth may change due to the markets, taxes and the economy, but family values and personal histories can be preserved for the next generations.” says Victoria Collins, Ph.D, CFP®, Founder and CEO  of Your Legacy Project.

    Capture your values and visions
  • Family legacy videos

    We specialize in capturing your legacy for the next generation and those that follow.

    Our process is easier than you think and more enjoyable than you imagine.

    Family legacy videos
  • Professional and dedicated

    With skillful interviewing, expert camera work and editing,  your ideas and insights will come alive and be remembered.

    Professional and dedicated
Your legacy is not about wealth but about your actions - how they will define you, and how they will impact others. A legacy is something bigger than who you are today. It is more than you did this week, this month, or even this year. A legacy is something you are creating right now, whether you realize it or not.


Your life lessons are the best gift you can give your loved ones.  Capture your wisdom in a compelling, powerful, A&E-style, broadcast-quality DVD. 


Our goal is to help families, businesses and foundations connect common threads through shared experiences and life stories.


Your experiences and history will provide valuable guidance to the next generation and will bring greater appreciation of who you are and what you’ve accomplished.


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Going Back, Way Back

I’ve just returned from a trip to the land of my heritage with experiences that touched my heart deeply. Pouring over our family’s history in Sweden, I couldn’t help but think how special it would be if I could see my ancestors and hear their voices. In this digital age with video, it’s easy to pass stories from generation to generation. In those days, it wasn’t possible.

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Legacy Planning in the Digital Age

In January 2003, as he approached his 60th birthday, Robert De Niro told Esquire magazine that there was one thing more than any other that he regretted:

I always wanted to chronicle the family history with my mother. She was always interested in that.

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Is it really time to celebrate? It’s been over 1000 days without a 10% correction, so chances are there will be some profit taking going forward. The geopolitical issues with ISIS abroad, the US economy not as resilient as we’d like and our deficit continuing to grow at an alarming rate

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What Should I Invest In?

There are three investments, I’ll bet you don’t even think about that can easily be worth more to you than the gains in your portfolio.

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 How to Protect Yourself Against Scams

Skimming through my emails the other day, one caught my attention. It said “Account Alert – IMPORTANT Membership Notification for your Card.” It was clearly from customer service at American Express and said “NEW! Card Security Guarding Procedures.”

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Which  Investor Are You?

Three friends each put $5,000 into the stock market every year since 1960. Samantha was very lucky and managed to pick the best day of every year to buy. Jenny’s approach was easier and more consistent.

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